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The trusted way to report on MS Dynamics GP data. Specialized for Smart List Builder & Extender Tool


  • Whether you are technical, functional, pre-sales, or just plain interested, when you attend a SmartConnect Bootcamp you will learn everything you need to know and return to your company as an integration expert. In both the 1 and 2-day instructor-led sessions, you will experience data integration, migration, and automation like you’ve never seen before, using SmartConnect.
  • We believe teams that work together should train together, so we recommend sending multiple team members together – anyone who is needing to import, integrate, and automate the generation of data in their CRM and/or ERP. In fact, when you send one person to a training, you’ll get 50% off the registration for any additional attendees! And yes, this can be combined with other offers available.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials is a business management solution that’s connecting people and processes like never before.
  • The next generation of intelligent business application
  • Dynamics 365 lets you evolve business processes in real time.
  • Dynamics 365 provides an immersive user experience with Office 365 and this experience is offered across the web, mobile devices and the PC.
  • Exporting SmartConnect Maps and Configurations
  • Importing SmartConnect Maps and Configurations
  • Nicknames : I like to call myself “World’s Best Intern.
  • When did you start working at eOne? : I’ve been a sales intern at eOne since 10/04/16.


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  • One Solutions provides smart, configurable software solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP, CRM, Salesforce.com and beyond to over 16,000 customers and counting. Find out more about eOne by visiting www.eonesolutions.com.